Huggies Coupons Reset at Coupons.com


I've been printing these high value coupons out like a crazy woman from my computers at work and at home because as I mentioned, Bubba tears through diapers. Probably has something to do with all that cereal he is eating (see previous post). You are limited to two copies per coupon but every time they are reset, you can get two more!

These coupons came in handy last week when I stocked up at Huggies at Walgreens, and again this weekend when I got wipes at Target. At Target, the Huggies gentle care wipes were marked down to $5.29, and with a $5 coupon, those bad boys cost us a measley $0.29. Love it! Scroll through my coupons.com widget at the top right of my page to print them directly from my website

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