Kids Bowl FREE All Summer Long!!


Bubba is in that awesome stage that I'm assuming just boys go through where he is a wrecking ball. There is nothing that he cannot and will not destroy. So I'm thinking Bubba + bowling ball = disaster. But for those of you with non-violent children, this would be awesome!

All summer long, your kiddies can have 2 FREE games of bowling every single day! In addition to that, you can buy a family pass for $23.95, and that covers up to 4 adults for the entire summer (also 2 games each day). So the entire family can bowl for the whole summer, up to 2 games EACH day, for only $23.95. You really can't beat that!

Click here for more info and to find participating locations near you =)


  1. T,
    what a GREAT deal! the closest place to us is 30 min or so, but I signed up. I figure if we go 3times this summer it will be great!!

  2. yay!! I'm glad you guys are going to sign up, I think your kiddies would love it. The closest place to us is only 5 miles away, so I think we'll definitely give it a try and if Bubba doesn't end up killing someone with the bowling ball, or destroying property, we may sign up for the family plan!