Chuck E. Cheese Coupons


We had big plans to go to the zoo today with Boo and Bubba. We have a zoo membership so we try to go as much as we can. But Mother Nature apparently has other plans for us since we are now in the midst of a monsoon. The kids have been begging to go to "Chunk-eh Cheeeeeeez" for months now, so we figured today would be a great day!

Naturally, the first thing I did was go to their website to see if they have any coupons, and they do! All you have to do is register here for the Chuck E-Club, and you will receive coupons by email. I got mine in about 15 minutes and they are: $18.99 for large pizza, 4 soft drinks, and 40 tokens; and $10 for 100 tokens. Sweet!

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