McDonald Spring Treats Coupons!

It was SO nice out today so I took Boo and Bubba out for milkshakes at "Old McDonalds." Apparently everyone else had the same idea. We were in a HUGE drive-thru line waiting to pick up our milkshakes, and Boo shouted "Mommy!! Coupons!!" I looked at the window of the McDonalds, and sure enough, a coupon booklet was taped up there. She's only 3, and already she's obsessed with coupons just like her mama. Love it.

For only $1, you get 12 coupons for Micky D treats: 3 FREE apple juices/milk, 3 FREE small cones, 3 FREE hamburgers, and 3 FREE bags of apple dippers. These coupons are good from April 12th to July 31st so I stocked up on a ton of them. Thanks Boo!!

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