Keeping It Frugal: Haircuts At Home!

Bubba has the best hair - beautiful reddish brown with soft curls. I love his hair long, but Hubby is always bothered by it. In the interest of keeping the peace, I agreed to have his hair cut. I give in WAY too easily, it's the Libra in me.

In the interest of saving a buck, I decided to cut his hair myself instead of paying $10-15 to have someone else cut it. I figured he's not entering any beauty pageants in the near future, so if I messed up, no biggie. I first consulted Almost Frugal's step-by-step instructions (with pictures), and I think I did a pretty good job!






Hubby is also in need of a haircut but considering our last haircutting fiasco, I'm pretty sure he won't let me anywhere near him with a pair of scissors (or clippers)!

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