Crocs: 15% Off and Free Shipping - Tonight!


Crocs have a bad rep, in my opinion. I wore them all through my pregnancies with Bubba and Boo, and they are just so comfortable. The kiddies run around in them all day long, and they have no complaints either! If you're in the mood for some late night shopping, head over to the Crocs website tonight, and get 15% of your total order. This offer ends at 12:00 a.m. (MST).

Also, until the end of July you can enjoy free shipping on all of your purchases. No coupons needed! I definitely plan on getting some for the babies tonight - I have my eyes on these, but I'll have to snoop around a bit more =)
(Thanks Common Sense with Money!)


  1. SCORE!! I just bought a pair of kids "otter" sandals for Madilyn for the future! They are 12/13 - so I don't think they'll fit her for at least a year - but they were $16.99! So super cute too!!! THANKS TESS :)

  2. yay!! I'm glad you got a pair of those too =) they are adorable!