Dairy Queen and Taco Bell: Free With Text!

Here are two freebies currently available by text =)


If you text "TB225" to 30365, you will receive a text from Taco Bell once a week for a particular item. If you show the text to a Taco Bell cashier, you will get that item for free! This offer may only be good in certain areas, so please report back if you have any luck!
(Thanks A Thrifty Mom!)


If you text "TREAT" to 46237, you will receive a text from Dairy Queen for a free Blizzard! This offer is good for anyone living in the Philadelphia, Allentown, South Jersey, or Delaware areas, but please let me know if you find that it applies in other areas!
(Thanks For the Mommas!)

1 comment:

  1. I believe the number is 30364 for Taco Bell, not 30365. It is for the Sacramento area. I'm in Sacramento and my friends have used it quite a bit. I just signed up and it's saying it's for the Vegas area. A little confusing, but hey free food! can't complain