Target: Shoes on Sale!! (Plus a Few More Deals)


I took the kiddies to Target today to take advantage of the Smart Ones and Morningstar deal, but because our store isn't a Super Target, their frozen selection is pretty limited. I did score a few great deals though!

Shoes on Clearance: 20-50% Off

There was a great selection of children's shoes on sale, and quite a few were 50% off their clearance price! I scored a really cute pair of sneaker for Bubba for only $4.24. I was dying to get him a pair that was marked down to $3.20 but his chubby little feet wouldn't fit ;-)

Electrasol Gel Tabs, 20 count: $1.09

We were in desperate need of dish detergent, so I took some coupons with me in the hopes of finding a sale to pair with a coupon. While I was there I saw that the Electrasol Gel Tabs were priced at $3.59, and with a $2.50 MC they only cost $1.09!

Kashi Cereal Bars: $1.39

We were also in need of some snacks for Hubby to take with him for work. He is super busy at work and usually won't eat unless it's something he can eat on-the-go. The Kashi cereal bars were marked down to $2.89, and with a $1.50 printable coupon they only cost $1.39. A little more pricey than what I would normally pay for snacks, but it's important for Hubby to eat at work =)

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