Ways to Save with Walgreens

It wasn't until a friend left me a comment about Walgreen's rebates that I realized I never wrote a Walgreens 101 post. That may have been a logical place to start, right?!

So here it goes - here are the big 3 ways to save with Walgreens:

1) Easy Saver Rebates - Every month, an Easy Saver booklet is released and it contains all of the products that you can receive rebates for. Some rebates will make the product completely FREE, although there are usually only 2-4 per month. A majority of the rebates will just knock a few dollars off of the purchase price. All of these rebates have a limit as to price and/or quantity, so make sure you pay attention to that.

To redeem these rebates, all you have to do is go here, register an account, and enter in your receipt number. That's it! You can enter in as many qualifying receipts as you want, but only submit them when you are positive you will not need to enter any more. If you enter in your receipts, but don't get around to submitting them, Walgreens will do it for you automatically. For more info on how to submit rebates online, click here.

2) Easy Saver Coupons - In the Easy Saver booklet, in addition to the available rebates, there are also a TON of coupons that you can use. The coupons state "one item per coupon," but I only ever need to present one coupon. It will automatically deduct the coupon amount for each of the qualifying products.

3) In-Ad Coupons - These are coupons that are found in the weekly ads. In order to get the advertised price, you have to present these coupons. The same rule applies as with the Easy Saver Coupons, where you only need to present one per transaction. It will automatically deduct the coupon amount for each qualifying product.

This applies to all three of the ways to save listed above: when you have the most savings is when you WAIT for a product to go on sale, and then stack a manufacturer's coupon on top of an In-Ad Coupon, Easy Saver Coupon, and/or Rebate. You are allowed to use TWO coupons per item: one Walgreens coupon and one manufacturer's coupon. This is the way to save BIG.

For example, I posted about this internet coupon for $4 off a Glade 3 Wick Candle. In this months Easy Saver Booklet, there is a $3 easy saver coupon for this product. I could just buy it now and get $7 off of the $9.99 price. But I'm going to hold tight and see if the product goes on sale to get the rock-bottom price for it.

From what I hear, this is the last month for Easy Saver Rebates and Coupons, and Walgreens will be incorporating a savings card similar to CVS. So this post will only be helpful for less than a month more ;-)


  1. Thanks for all of this information Tess! Super helpful. BTW--the $10 Target card arrived today! I am going to use it later this week when I am out of town and can get to a Target. My plans are to get some Aveeno baby lotion (1 have 2 coupons for $3 off total--so that will make it pretty good) and might use it to pay for part of Pinnochio? IDK...there are lots of things I could buy at Target :)

  2. I'm glad you got your card! Target is having some great deals right now =)
    And I'm glad the post was helpful. Thanks for reminding me to write it!