Walgreens Register Reward and Rebate Info

Thanks again to my friend Kim for asking questions =) I have been doing this for a bit so I take for granted the fact that not everyone knows the ins and outs of Walgreens. My apologies! I hope this info helps and I hope other people won't hesitate to ask if there is something they have questions about.

If I use register rewards to pay for something, and I am supposed to earn a rebate with that purchase—do I still do so, using register rewards for my payment?

You can use Register Rewards even if you are going to receive a Register Reward with your purchase. However, you can't use one to purchase an item that you are expecting the same Register Reward for. That's about as clear as mud, right? For example, you can't use a Colgate Toothpaste RR to get another Colgate Toothpaste RR. You could, however, roll the Register Rewards back and forth - buy a Skintimate shaving gel, receive the $3 Register Reward, use that to buy the Reach toothbrushes, and receive another Register Reward. And so on. Just as a note though - although Walgreen's corporate policy says this, not every store guarantees it. The stores are suprisingly inconsistent, and what one store accepts, another may not.

If you use a Register Reward, it counts as a manufacturer coupon (I have no idea why, it's quite annoying). Walgreen's coupon policy is that you can only use as many manufacturer's coupons as you have items. For example, today I bought two cans of icing. I had a manufacturer's coupon for each. I also wanted to use the Register Reward that I got for the Reach toothbrushes. So that was three coupons total, and only two items. To offset this, I got a bunny pencil for $.39 as a filler item.

What about vice versa? If I am using my easy saver rebate to pay for my purchase…do I still earn register rewards or any additional easy saver rebates?

In regards to Easy Saver rebates, they come in the form of a giftcard or a check. I always opt to receive it on a giftcard because you get a 10% bonus. Since it comes on a giftcard, it is considered a form of payment, and not a manufacturer's coupon. So you can use it and get Register Rewards and/or qualify for Easy Saver Rebates in return.

I hope this makes sense! Please remember, I'm explaining this to the best of my ability and as to what I believe to be accurate. If it seems I'm mistaken, let me know!

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  1. Thanks for posting this T! Super helpful--I am learning lots! I'll keep the questions coming when I think of them :) THANKS!