Old Navy Hidden Coupons are Being Reset!


It's that time again! The coupons hidden at Old Navy Weekly will be reset either sometime today or early tomorrow morning (last week they were reset at 3 a.m.). The BIG coupon of $75 off $100 purchase will be back, so a lot of people may be pulling all-nighters! I didn't stay up last week but I may be up late anyway tonight making Bakerella's cute cake pops for Easter, so hopefully they will reset before I crash.

I'll update with any info as it comes in. I'll be stalking their site today ;-)

1 comment:

  1. The coupons are GONE! I woke up 30 min ago & the 75 were gone but still had some 50s left & I got one!!! Woohoo ;)I checked my GC balance today & I have 53 bucks left so now I get $100 worth of stuff for free, gotta love that! The hummingbird was a lil bugger to catch!