Old Navy Weekly - Week of 4/30


Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations
It seems as though the high value coupons will refresh
so keep checking these hiding spots. Good luck and have fun =)
Some of these locations are courtesy of A Full Cup ladies.

$5 off when you buy a piece of swimwear - On the bottom right, click on the girl in the orange sweater twice and move her over to the man.

$5 off with Adult and Kid short purchase - Click on the dog with frisbee.

$5 off any $25 purchase - Click on the umbrella, and move it into blond girls hair.

$10 off your purchase of $50 or more - Keep clicking on the cup that the man in the blue shirt is holding.

$15 off $75 or more - Change the color of shirts in the top middle box by clicking on them (#2 & #4)

30% off if you comb your hair as Kelly - Click and drag the head from the man in the bottom right box onto the headless mannequin.

$75 off your purchase of $100 or more - A quiz will pop up on the right side. Enter in this answer: Wesley Wilma's Wearables Barker.

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