FREE Samples Up For Grab!

Reminder for Gillette Fusion Razor: If you haven’t already, get your FREE Razor at noon every day until May 16th. These go fast, so fill out your info before noon, and hit “submit” right at noon!

Nature’s Source Cleaner: Limited to the first 10,000 people

Dove Products: Join Dove Dimensions to get samples and coupons (Thanks Coupon Cravings!)

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant: Sample from Costco, no membership required


  1. I got a razor! YAY! I think it starts before noon ET though! I did mine today at 10:04 CT / 11:04 ET and it worked! I didn't expect it to but just wanted to see if I had the right username and password--and I hit "submit" and it told me I was one of the lucky 500 -- and it will arrive in 6-8 weeks. SO--try before noon ET--it might work!!!!!!! Question -- can the same username get more than one?

  2. hmmm that's interesting! Thanks for that tip! I think you are limited to one per username, maybe even one per household. But it wouldn't hurt to try to get another one =)