Old Navy Weekly Coupon Hunting - Revamped!


I did take a few weeks off of hunting for coupons at Old Navy Weekly just because I couldn't stay up late enough to get a coupon, and because so many people were hunting for them, the website kept crashing. But I must say, from what I have read the website has run pretty seemlessly since they did some tweaking to their website. More coupons were hidden last night but there is a new twist this week! I received this comment on one of my previous posts:

It’s a new week at OldNavyWeekly.com and there’s a new hiding spot for those fabulous $75 off $100 coupons. But that’s not all that’s new! We’ve noticed how quickly the $75 and $100 coupons go and we’d like to give more of you the chance to snoop out these super savings. So this week, we’ll be releasing the coupons multiple times instead of all at once. So keep checking back—it’s gonna be a fun week!Good luck and happy hunting!
Nicole D.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

This is great news! This means that if you haven't already scored one of those coveted $75/100 coupons, you still have a chance to get one. I'm going to head over to the site now and see what I can find, and I'll make a new post with coupon locations. If you spot any, please let me know!

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