DVD Deal at Target Just Got Sweeter!


Remember that Bolt and Lilo & Stitch deal that I posted about here? Well it just got better! I printed out my coupon just a little bit ago so I can run over to Target after work, and I noticed that if you buy both DVDs, you will receive a FREE collectible Bolt plush! All you have to do is register here and follow the instructions to get your FREE plush. Bolt is so cute that I may just keep that for myself ;-)

AND if you buy the Bolt DVD and any of the following products (Ronzoni® Smart Taste™, Ronzoni®, San Giorgio®, Creamette®, American Beauty®, Prince® or Skinner®), you can send in your receipts to get a $4 rebate by mail. Click here for more info.

So let's get this straight:
2 DVDs (each $15.99) - $31.98
- $10 Target promotion if you buy both
- $5 printable Bolt coupon
- $4 rebate from Ronzoni
= $12.98 for two DVDs and a Bolt plush


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