KMart: All Clearance Toys An Additional 50% Off!


I got all of the above for only $99.33!

Go to KMart right now! I was able to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done by taking advantage of the great sale they are currently running. Right now, all of their clearance toys and games are an additional 50% off! In addition to things found in their clearance aisle, I was able to find a lot of these still on the other shelves with non-clearance items, so be sure to look everywhere!

Here is a breakdown of the items and prices:
Barbie Horse: $8.50
Fisher Price Cash Register: $10.50
Princess Barbie: $7.00
Hannah Montana DVD Game: $5.50
Polly Pocket Race to the Mall Game: $5.00
Tinkerbell Playhouse: $9.50
Cook and Learn Kitchen: $16.00 (This was originally $130!!)
2 Leapster Create A Story: $13.50 each
50 Pack of Playdoh: $6.00
Build A Bear Kit: $3.00

I also used this coupon to get $5 off my purchase! (Thanks Hip2Save for the coupon!)

Sorry for the unorganized picture above: Hubby was hurrying me along so he could hide all of the toys in our basement!


  1. I stocked up too Tess! What a great deal! I wish I would have known about the $5 off coupon--oh well! Yay for us and our savings!!!

  2. Awesome Kim! What did you get?

  3. Lets see...I got some Diego stuff, a Batman figurine, an elmo farm play set (big), some little Cabbage Patch Dolls, a couple littlest pet shop animals...the most expensive was $8 - and that was the Batman doll. Overall - I think I got like 10 toys or so? I bought other stuff too (took advantage of double coupons) so it was a great trip :) I was stoked!!!!!!!

  4. I thinks Christmas comes early to Kmart shoppers. :-)