Chick-fil-A: FREE Meal on July 10th!


This is such a cute promotion! This Friday, July 10th, is the 5th Annual Cow Appreciation Day, and if you visit a Chick-fil-A restaurant dressed as a cow, you will receive a FREE meal! If you go to the restaurant fully dressed as a cow, from head to toe, you will receive a free combo meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner). If you go in partial cow attire (such as a cow headband, cow-printed hat, etc), you will receive a free entree. If you don't have any cow attire, go here to print out a cow costume kit =) I plan on dressing the kids in all white, and then pasting black spots made out of construction paper all over their outfits! Should be fun, and we'll get a free meal out of it!

Click here for more info!

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