Wee Wonderful Patterns for FREE!

I am a crafter in training. My mom was a teacher and always had the best activities for us to do, so I am humbly trying to follow in her footsteps. I impress myself every once in a while but my crafty ideas for the kids are kind of lacking. It usually involves coloring, cutting, and pasting - the kids seem to be happy with it but it leaves a little to be desired in my opinion.

I stumbled upon a super crafty gal's site, Wee Wonderful, and was pleasantly surprised to see that she has a page of free patterns available to download for FREE. All she asks is that you not sell anything you make from the patterns. Seems fair, right?

I do sew but I'm a bit rusty so I thought we would start with the easiest craft which is paper dolls. I didn't even have time to cut them out completely, as you can see from the pictures, before Boo snatched them up. We ended up printing out a couple copies and just pasting the different outfits onto the dolls, but I'm planning on laminating some and putting magnets on the outfits. They would be really cute party favors!

Be sure to check out all of her patterns and then her blog as well. She is very crafty and incredibly generous to share those patterns for free!
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