Old Navy - 50% Off Clearance!

I totally kicked butt at Old Navy today! We have had contractors working on our house all week, so I thought I would get them out for a bit. I hopped over to Old Navy to see if I could find Hubby some flip flops and was pleasantly surprised to see that they are having a clearance sale where an additional 50% is taken off the lowest ticketed price! I paired that with a coupon from Old Navy Weekly (SO glad I happened to take my coupon binder with me), and I got all the items pictured to the left for only $43! Here's what I got:
(Disclaimer: I know I got the lion's share of the stuff but there was literally nothing for the kids or hubby. I swear!)

For Me:
Blue Sequin Tank - $1.01
Green Tank - $2.23
White Thermal Shirt - $1.19
Pair of Wide Leg Jeans - $4.46
Pair of Straight Leg Jeans - $6.90
Red Sweater - $1.01
Black Velour Hoodie - $1.01
Black Sweater - $1.41
Black Sweater - $1.01

For Hubby:
Polo Shirt - $5.47
Button Down Shirt - $5.68

For Boo:
Long Sleeve Shirt - $1.21

For Bubba:
Black/Red Thermal Shirt - $.38
Painter Jeans - $4.05
Sweater Vest - $4.26

If you decide to head over, don't forget to take a coupon from Old Navy Weekly with you. Here are the coupon locations courtesy of the gals from A Full Cup:

- $60/$100 - Drag the green bucket to the right of the screen to fill it with water. Then drag it to the picture with the 3 people wearing goggles to fill that square. It will take 4 times to fill up the square to get the coupon.
- $45/$100 - Take the spray bottle from the girl in purple and spray the girl in white shorts and blue bikini top 2 times.
- $10/$50 - Drag the head from sand and put it on the headless boy.
- $20/$100 - Drag the bag with the orange stripes over to the hand of the girl wearing the purple dress.
- $15/$75 - Four seconds into the video, click on woman's hand.
- $5/$50 - Click on the orange soda that the girl in the green bikini is holding.
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